Are E Cigarettes Really Healthy

We all know how bad smoking is for you. We know that it causes heart attacks and cancer and thankfully we know a safer way to smoker. E cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes. They are not perfect but you will not inhale tar or other elements that are known to cause cancer. E cigarettes do provide nicotine and nicotine has its own health drawbacks to it but for people who are addicted to cigarettes, e cigarettes presents a gateway to an addiction free life or simply a semi-safer solutions for these problems for those people.


What do I mean by semi-safe? E cigarettes take a way the cancer risk but it still has nicotine. People who smoke do so because they like the high of nicotine. Nicotine is known to be a vascular dilator, this means that it causes the blood vessels to narrow just like caffeine and high blood pressure which nicotine causes. Habitual smoking and nicotine usage causes blood pressure and heart problems. What nicotine has not been shown to cause is cancer. So this is more like a choose your best option scenario: A known cancer and death causer or what that only has the drawback of nicotine use.


I know that this isn’t the type of article you were expecting but I like telling people exactly what they are getting themselves into. Too many people are selling e cigarettes as a cure all or as something without risks. I am simply trying to give you, the read, the customer, the entire picture and the whole truth so that you can make the best choice for yourself. I think that this little bit yet potent information is enough for you to come to the right conclusion for yourself. You know what is right for your situation.


In my eyes, e cigarettes are best for people who already smoke who want fewer health risks. In an ideal world, e cigarettes would be used to help people transition from regular cigarettes, to e cigs and eventually to a smoke and nicotine free life. As a business, this doesn’t help us in the long run but as truthful people, this is the most ethical way to suggest and sell e cigarettes. For those who will smoke until the day they die, do it in the most healthy way possible and that is with e cigarettes. Get your nicotine high without the cancer risk or the respiratory diseases that smoking causes.


As you can see, this is not your normal e cigarette article. We are telling you information that actually helps you more than it helps us. We are telling you the hard cold truth about e cigarettes and how to best use them. We are telling you that they still have health risks and how they are safer than regulars cigarettes and how they share some of the same nicotine use risks but not the cancer risks. We hope that you use this article to make an informed decision.